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Repair Options

We are accepting only the suspension parts in most of the cases. It is always better to agree on the best timing of your visit through the phone or by mail. It is possible to send everything by post as well. In case of sending package through the post, inform us please, what would you like us to do with your order and if you are going to pick it up personally or if we should send it back to you by post.

When to come to us

If you don't feel safe on your motorbike, if you feel that it jumps to sides, hits your hands while using breaks etc. It means that something with the suspension is wrong. Every rider wants something else and also expects something different from his machine. So every suspension needs to be adjusted for the person who will be using the motorbike in future.

It is also not good to wait for oil change and suspension control until the shock absorbers are so called "leaking". There is a danger that the back shock absorber will be damaged after some time and you will have no other option but buying the whole new shock absorber.

It is good to check everything and change the oil at least once in the season.

Shortening and extentions

Doesn't the height of you motorbike suit you? Do you think that you have purchased lower or higher machine? Don't worry. We are able to adjust even this exactly for you. We can raise or lower the back shock absorber directly in it according to its possibilities. No reductions for the shock absorber, which are not considered as safe, are needed for these adjustments.

By these changes we also control the gasket and we add the oil when needed.


•complicated shock absorbers - there are many different types, mostly made for roads, which are made for one use only and when they are damaged you have to change the whole shock absorber. We are able to repair wholesale promotional products these suspensions, we change some parts and make new gasket. Next time after this repair whenever needed we just make new gasket and we consider it as a normal repair.

•snowmobiles, cars and veterans - we are also able to repair suspensions on these machines.  It is possible to repair practically everything. If you are not in a hurry for these complicated changes, the best time to bring your machine is time out of season, meaning winter time. The best is to discuss properly these complicated repairs in advance to see also if it is worth repairing.

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